EZ Trade Center allows companies to get significant savings in the hiring of external services, without any costs for the client! 

EZ Trade Center’s Cut For More exclusive method is based on confidentiality, efficiency and speed in cost reduction.

4 easy steps that allow companies to achieve saving levels around 20%, being able to direct those resources towards new investments or for treasury management. 

How can we help?
Specialty areas

Jak můžeme pomoci?
Sourcing produkty systému výzkumu a dodavatelé
po celém světě.
Obchodování& a kvalita vyjednávat a zajistit nejlepší poměr mezi cenou, kvalitou a rizika vyhovujících kritériím
Zákaznická definované nákup.
Logistika & Doprava Integrované řešení Řízení akvizice, dočasné uskladnění a přepravu.
Daně Identifikovat a kvantifikovat daňové důsledky
v jednotkových nákladů výrobku a kupní transakce.
Why we are the ideal Partner? All companies should focus on their core business and on increasing the profitability, teaming up with trustworthy strategic partners so that they can decentralize all activities considered ancillary in the operation of their business. EZ Trade Center is therefore the ideal partner , adding value to the business:

Costs reduction
 Improved competitiveness of companies
 Improved sales margins
 Access to new markets in an immediate, simple and efficient way
 Increased profit
 No investment costs
 No business risk: no savings – no payments
 A specialised outsourcing management
 Win-win model
Cost Reduction
1. In what areas can EZ Trade Center help me reduce my business costs?  +
2. Why should I contract / hire Cost Reduction Specialists? +
3. What is the general procedure of this service? +
4. What about current contracts with present suppliers? +
5. How much does the Cost Reduction Service cost and for how long is it provided? +
6. How do you measure cost reductions? +
7. How can one be sure that a cost reduction plan will succeed? +
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