Operating in the market since 2006, EZ Trade Center has a large network of professional consultants, specialised in the the reduction and management of costs and purchases. Our services help companies take efficient decisions in their purchasing of products and services, generating significant savings, allowing for increased profit, investment in your business or even improving the management of your treasury. 

Our methodology is not focused only on the reduction of costs on the short-term. We use a comprehensive process that allows us to analyse the client's expenses, improve the supply conditions, obtain discounts based on historical invoicing errors and to control the business' general expenses on the long-term. This process makes our methodology unique and distinct in the market. 
Our services are fully self-financed and when our clients use EZ Trade Center Consultants, they benefit from an additional specialist in their management team without incurring any fixed costs. 

EZ Trade Center is a Onebiz brand, a Portuguese group which is a leader in professional services for companies, with 400 business units on the market that are specialised in 6 different business areas: Financial Services, Real Estate, Consulting, Commerce, Education and Health & Beauty Clinics. The Group is present in 30 countries and serves more than 100,000 clients.
Ernesto Grilo, Sucessores, Lda. An SME that manufactures aluminium tableware, reaching with 40 employees a turnover of about 3 million Euros/year. Grilo sells in the local market and exports to very demanding clients, large supermarkets in Portugal and other countries of the EU.  

"The first meeting with EZ Trade Center was very interesting. The consultants approached me saying they could develop a costs reduction plan with my company's external suppliers." I told them: "Grilo has been in the market for 84 years, we are the third generation of the business, so it will be very difficult for you to get even 1 cent reduction!" But after having heard the arguments presented, large scale negotiation, competent professionals, efficiency and secrecy, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I had nothing to lose, after all, I only had to paid for the service if there were savings!

In fact, the consultants won the bet and I didn't lose! EZ Trade Centre negotiated the best conditions and prices with its partner suppliers and managed to present a cost reduction plan with very significant savings! I reduced my costs thanks to the support of EZ Trade Center! Many congratulations and thanks!"

José Grilo - Director of Ernesto Grilo, Sucessores, Lda.
Iberlim, Limpezas Técnicas SA. In the cleaning services market since 1982, it is a leading company in its sector. With about 5,000 employees and a turnover of 40 million Euros.
"To accept the challenge proposed by EZ Trade Center,  to reduce expenses in areas such as office supplies and laundry services, was an easy task according to the process they presented and we only had to pay in accordance with the costs reduction achieved. In the end we had a reduction of 37% in for printer and multifunctions supplies, with a solution that led to the renewal of our equipment. EZ Trade Center is the ideal partner for procurement outsourcing solutions."

Iberlim, Limpezas Técnicas SA.
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